Water and Waste Sector

Smart Water Management is a system by which water and water supply is managed by use of modern technologies, it enables efficient and effective water supply, better management and conservation of water in the environment and aims to make optimum use of water while taking steps to conserve water as well. Smart water management minimizes wastage of water, monitors water usage, and includes treatment and reuse of waste water. It is applicable for domestic use, farming and irrigation, industrial use and other uses.

EP has long been interested in Smart Water Management and has been following the development of the concept for quite some time. We have carried out detailed research on the subject and have also organised conferences on Smart Water Management titled Water Management for Smart Cities in New Delhi on 15th February, 2016 and at Mumbai on 17th February, 2016, in association with Security Watch India. These conferences gathered experts and thinkers on the subject from India and abroad to discuss the latest developments and breakthroughs. And through these conferences, EP has also built a network of experts and innovators, and provides us with the knowledge and know-how on the subject for us to apply these into projects or extend consultancy services to other organisations/entities

Waste water treatment is a process by which impurities are removed from waste or used water and are converted into re-usable water or can be either returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues. Finite water resources are depleting, while sectorial demands for drinking water, agriculture, industry etc. are growing rapidly with increasing population, industrialisation and development. Due to this reason, waste water treatment is becoming a major concern and gaining importance.

Eternity Partners is fast becoming a pioneer of smart water management by conducting intensive research on the issue and building a network of knowledge with innovators and thought leaders from around the globe. We have also raised awareness of wastewater management by hosting events and collaborating with other companies and organisations. EP is very keen on shedding light to the matter and looking into ways by which the challenges can be tackled.


SCADA is a technology which monitors the quality and quantity of a supply system and greatly improves the efficiency of the system. Through this technology, any malfunction in the system can be detected as soon as it happens and identified for quick response. Through SCADA, all information regarding a supply system can be monitored and analysed with ease from a control center at all times. The system has the provision to measure inflow/outflow of supply at each stage and helps in identifying leakages and problem areas.

Eternity Partners has done comprehensive research on SCADA and has built an extensive network of experts and professionals on the subject and are ready to implement this knowledge and capability for a more efficient and sufficient supply system and its management.

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