Project Management and Consultancy

Eternity Partners LLP (EP) provides integrated technical consultancy services to private and public sector organisations.

On the public sector side, EP identifies relevant schemes for departments, prepares Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for identified projects and once the project is started, we oversee the implementation as a Project Monitoring Agency (PMA).

On the private sector side, EP offers local coordination and hand-holding services to OEMs, project developers and solution providers for their projects within Mizoram. EP is continually on the lookout for relevant companies to develop new partnerships and networks to meet this end.

Our scope of work includes, need assessment, pre-investment and pre-feasibility studies, site survey, techno-economic feasibility reports, audits, identifying and linking government schemes and subsidies to projects, developing sustainable models for projects, financial planning, project monitoring, project planning and implementation, coordination between agencies, and concierge services to clients, among many others.

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