Power and Energy Sector

Electricity is a fundamental necessity for domestic households and commercial institutions and is crucial India’s growth aspirations. The Central Government has taken several initiatives for the development of power sector, promote competition and provide electricity to all. The Electricity Act 2003 was introduced with a view to reform transmission, distribution and generation of electricity and includes provisions to provide access to cheap and reliable power through power trading.

Eternity Partners is the only entity to hold an Intra-State Power Trading License for the States of Mizoram and Manipur. We aim at safeguarding consumer’s choice by providing them with cheap and affordable power by sourcing them from generators within the State and develop a market where competition will lead to opportunity. EP has also been focusing on renewable sources of energy and how they can be more visible and utilised, especially in Mizoram, as we are quite deficient in power supply and has to depend largely on power imported from other states. We are looking for means and opportunities wherein renewable energy sources can be tapped and utilised to meet the deficit and cut down on the expenses incurred by power imports. EP has also been appointed as a member of the drafting committee for the new Solar Power Policy of Mizoram 2016 and is the only private organisation to be a part of the committee.

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