Marketing and Public Communication

Eternity Partners LLP organises and assists in organising events under its banner and for its clients, nationally and internationally. We can manage any event in its entirety from conceptualisation, budgeting, preparing target audience databases, and preparing marketing literatures, to implementation of the event, logistics coordination, sales and marketing, and post event procedures.


EP regularly organises local, national and international events under its banner and for its partners. This service includes conceptualisation of the events and agenda, preparation of target audiences, marketing, invitations and other literature, implementation, logistics and post event management.


EP can provide end-to-end marketing services, such as marketing strategy, content creation, logo and branding, advertisements, designing communication for all platforms of communication, including flyers, brochures, EDM, email, social media, websites, etc. These services can also be selected according to the client’s requirement.


We can manage publicity on all platforms of communication, such as news media, social media, events and campaigns, among others.


EP team is experienced in selling ideas, initiatives and products to a given database and target audience. We can work with clients across all sectors of industry.


EP can develop and manage awareness, social, publicity, marketing and advertisement campaigns across all sectors of industry.

IT-based Services

We prepare and manage websites for clients. We also offer data compilation and data appending. Compilations and broadcasting of Daily newsletters is another service we provide.

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