Events Division

Eternity Partners LLP organises and assists in organising events under its banner and for its clients, nationally and internationally. We can manage any event in its entirety. From conceptualisation, budgeting, preparing target audience databases, and preparing marketing literatures, to implementation of the event, logistics coordination, sales and marketing, and post event procedures.

Some of the events we have been involved with include,

  • - “Empowering North East India 2013. De-centralised Distributed Generation – Latest Developments and Policy Initiatives,” at Aijal Club, on 24th October 2013

  • - “Off-grid Renewable Energy Access Projects in Mizoram,” at Aijal Club on 10th November 2014, to promote greater awareness and discussions among stakeholders to the challenges and possible solutions for achieving efficient and regular Power supply in Mizoram

  • - “North East India: The Power Hub of South Asia,” hosted in Shillong, Meghalaya, on 5th December 2012, in association with IPPAI and NEEPCO, with the support of the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India; the Govt. of Meghalaya; the Regulatory Commissions of Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh; and the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the States of Manipur and Mizoram

  • - “Powering North Eastern India: Attracting Investments for Development of the Power Sector,” hosted at NEDFi Convention Centre, Guwahati on 15th December 2011

  • - Securing India 2016 in New Delhi at Hotel Le Meridient on 3-4 October 2016 - our topics of discussion includes: Smart Borders, Smart policing,and Smart Security

  • - 4th Secure BFSI Conclave - Mobile Payments and Cyber Security at The Lalit, Mumbai. Cyber Security - Impact on future of banking, Mobile commerce and innovation, Innovations: security, Authentication and Biometrics.

  • - Water Management for Smart Cities in New Delhi on 15th Febuary 2016 and in Mumbai on 17th February 2016 – an event where treatment and re-use of water is discussed, as well as the distribution of water

  • - Community oriented Policing Skills at IHC, New Delhi on 1st December 2015 - our main focus was the challenges in standardisation of training and skills and core issues of community policing

  • - Smart Connected Cities 2015 on 29-30 January at Hotel Le Meridien , New Delhi - The main objective of this event was to take forward GOI's agenda of building smart cities by finding out the best possible contribution from industries towards the development of smart cities across the nation

  • - Secure Cities 2015 on 9th September 2015 at Hotel Le Meridien , New Delhi - The objective of Secure Cities 2015 is to create a platform to discuss various initiatives through which security of our cities can be enhanced wherein they will be prepared to handle any kind of security threat worldwide

  • - Regulators and Policymakers Retreat, India - an annual event on the power sector regulatory and policy issues

  • - Asia Energy Security Summit - India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangkok - an annual Track II Diplomacy event on Energy, Energy Security and Security of Energy Infrastructures

  • - Securing Asia, UK - an annual event on international security, energy and Smart Cities

Recent Events


Modern living sees increasing urbanisation with cities around the world expanding and transforming the landscape. This requires cities that are smart, secure and sustainable cities.

IPPAI Punjab & Haryana Power Conclave 2017

Powering Punjab & Haryana: Lowering Power Costs for Distribution Licensees and Consumers through competition and efficiency in power procurement, integration of new technology, clean energy.

IPPAI East & North East India Power Conclave 2017

Empowering the Consumer: Market vs. Re-regulation, Re-inventing Open Access; Coal for Power; Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency: Group Captive Model.

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