Project Monitoring Agency (PMA) - Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY)

The Power & Electricity Department, Govt. of Mizoram, appointed Eternity Partners LLP as its Project Monitoring Agency (PMA) for implementation of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) in the State of Mizoram.

Introduction to DDUGJY:

  1. 1. In rural areas of the country, the agricultural and non-agricultural load (domestic and non-domestic) are typically catered through common distribution network. The availability of power supply in rural areas is inadequate and unreliable in many parts of the country. The distribution utilities resort to frequent load shedding in rural areas to mitigate the gap between supply and demand, which affects power supply to agricultural consumers as well as non-agricultural consumers owing to common distribution network

  2. 2. Feeder separation refers to supply of electricity to agricultural consumers and to non-agricultural consumers (domestic and non-domestic) separately through dedicated feeders. This arrangement allows the distribution company to regulate power supply to agricultural consumers as and when needed for effective Demand Side Management (DSM). The separation of feeders helps in flattening of the load curve by shifting the agricultural load to off-peak hours and thus facilitates peak load management. The core objective of separation of feeders is to provide regulated supply to agricultural consumers and continuous power supply to non-agricultural consumers in rural areas.

  3. 3. The demand of electricity in rural areas is increasing day by day due to increase in customer base, changes in lifestyle and consumption pattern which requires continual strengthening and augmentation of distribution network. However, the poor financial health of the distribution utilities has resulted in under-investment in the distribution network leading to poor upkeep and maintenance of assets, particularly in rural areas. Therefore, strengthening and augmentation of sub-transmission & distribution infrastructure is also considered necessary to ensure reliable and quality power supply in rural areas.

  4. 4. In order to facilitate sustainable commercial operations of electricity distribution, it is also important to focus on metering at consumer end for all categories of consumers. Apart from metering at consumer end, the metering arrangement at distribution transformers and feeders would facilitate building up a mechanism for proper energy accounting. This will help in identifying high loss pockets and initiating remedial measures towards reduction of losses

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Scope of work:

  1. 1. Project Formulation:
    •     a. Preparation of Need Assessment Document.
    •     b. Formulation of DPR’s.

  2. 2. Monitoring and coordination of bidding process:
    •     a. Assist utilities in preparation of tender documents for appointment of turnkey contractor.
    •     b. Assist utilities in bidding process (including pre bid meetings, etc.) and technical evaluation of bids.
    •     c. Assist the utilities for placement of Letter of Award and related activities.

  3. 3. Project Planning and Implementation:
    •     a. Assisting Discoms in preparation of detailed work implementation schedule in association with turnkey contractor
    •     b. Coordination & monitoring of project implementation activities.
    •     c. To monitor DPR wise monthly physical & financial progress of the scheme, prepare a consolidated report & submit to utility for onward submission to Nodal Agency.
    •     d. Identification of anticipated bottlenecks in project implementation & preparation of remedial action plan in consultation with utilities & project implementing agency (contractor).
    •     e. To assist utilities in addition of the created assets to their asset register.
    •     f. Recommend the claim of utility for fund release from Nodal Agency. The recommendation is to be supported by a report on expenditure, progress and constraints if any for timely completion of project.
    •     g. Submit a report to Nodal Agency, regarding Project Completion and expenditure incurred along with recommendation in accordance with the guidelines.
    •     h. To assist utility in supervision of flow of funds in dedicated bank account of projects.

  4. 4. Quality Monitoring:
    •     a. To prepare a Quality Assurance (QA) Plan with the approval of the utility.
    •     b. To carry out field quality inspection of ongoing/ completed works .
    •     c. Joint inspection (along with representative of state utility) of material at site on sample basis i.e. 10% of major materials (Poles, Conductor, Meters, Transformers, Cable).

  5. 5. MIS & Web Portal update:
    •     a. Assisting utilities in timely update of information on utility / Nodal Agency Web Portal.
    •     b. Periodic reporting to the Project Management Cell of utility

  6. 6. Coordination with Nodal Agency/ MoP and any other works as may be required to achieve the objectives of the scheme.


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